Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sync the data between the mobile app and the desktop software?
Offcourse! All what you have to do is using the backup/recover feature. So if you want to transfer data from mobile app to desktop. You can just click on Backup in the mobile app and then in desktop software you can go to File->Recover. You can do this over cloud (Dropbox) or by email. Using Cloud is recommended because it one click only
I have the premium version of the mobile app (Full + premium upgrade). Do I have to subscribe again to access the premium features of desktop version?
No. If you have the premium version on mobile app then you can access these premium features of the desktop version as long as you maintain the mobile app premium subscription. All what you have to do is follow instructions on the desktop version when you access one of the premium versions so it is linked an activated. Don't worry, it will tell you what to do
Is it really that the desktop software is available for one time payment unlike other property management softwares? How can I access the premium feature if I don't have the mobile app/premium version of mobile app?
Yes! It is one time cost to get the software and access everything unlimited (no quotas) except for the premium features (Alerts, Rent Receipts, and property Inspection). If you have the mobile app with premium inspection then you also get the premium features enabled for you. If you don't have the mobile app or the premium version of the mobile app then unfortunately you can't access the premium features(at least for now, we are working on it)
I have a Mac. Does your software also work on Mac or is it only Windows?
Yes it will work on Mac. Please email us so we can send you the Mac version along with instructions as it is different from Windows installation
I have multiple computers/laptops, can I install it on them with one purchase or should I buy multiple licenses?
We are not greedy :). The goal is to make your life easier at minimum cost. You are allowed to install it and activate it on multiple machines as long as it is reasonable and within the same household. Please note that we track installations so we reserve the right to ban access if this is abused. After all, it is really based on an honour system and to help us provide continuous support and updates
I noticed that the default installation folder is in the C drive, why not Program Files? Can I change it to Program Files folder?
We noticed that on some versions of Windows (especially Windows 8), Program Files causes permission problem not allowing the software to save data. When installed in the C drive or any folder with open permission then the software can run smoothly. If you want to install it in Program Files (or you noticed the software is not saving data), then make sure your run it as an administrator. Basically, you right click on the launch icon and "Run as an Administrator".
What is Java/JDK? What version of JDK it requires?
In non-technical terms, Java is what many applications use to run. It runs on over 2B machines and most computers come loaded with version 1.6+. The software requires version 1.7 or above. Don't worry, if your computer does not have it then it will direct you to the link where you can download it and install it. We didn't package it with our software so the installation file does not become big for the majority of people who already has it